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Interesting idea but I really do not know how such a connection would be made, other than a link (whch is really just a recommendation to visit another useful site). I have spent some time at filmsound.org and have been impressed with many of the archived articles. I particularly liked all of the material assembled about Walter Murch. I have know Walter since the early 1970's and the things that intererst him are many of the same things that interest me --- and of course I find most of his discussions very inspiring. The Swedish educator who puts up the site seems like a very dedicated person and I appreciate his efforts (but I have had no direct contact with him). The transom.org site on the other hand seems so geared towards broadcast and radio journalism, I am not so sure it has as much relevancy to our work here. The TOOLS section may have had some useful semi-technical reviews and "how-to's" but I have not read many of those articles.

Regards,  Jeff Wexler

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I realize that you have just started this site and that my views, as a neophyte, may be very much in the minority.

I think that it would be interesting to see this site encourage discussion about post-production and sound design as well as production. As an experiment, you might consider adding post-production as a topic.

I think that Walter Murch and Randy Thom run a site that is interesting, but not interractive enough, and I would like to see your site cover some of the same issues on a more real-time basis.

I mentioned Transom realizing that it is about radio rather than film/video. I note that Walter Murch has written for them, and I think that he is on to something in doing so. I think that the distinction may be less significant than the similarity.

Just a thought. 

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