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Invoicing in Canada by international business

Ed Denton

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Hi there,

I am doing a job in Canada (specifically Montreal, Quebec) and I am wondering what tax information I need to put on the invoice. I am Australian and my business is registered in Australia but I have a Work Permit (Case type: 20) for Canada. I saw that invoices in Canada are meant to include GST number and in some cases HST and PST; In Quebec I believe it is GST and PST. Does anyone know what I should put on the invoice in my case. Much appreciated in advance,


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I would check with an accountant, but I think there is no need for a GST number unless you invoice more than 30000.00 in a year. Not sure of your situation, but this may apply. PST in Quebec, I don't know if you have to charge it or not. If you do include it, you will have to forward it to the appropriate tax authority at some point, usually quarterly.


Jim Rillie

Halifax PSM

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If you are being paid by a Canadian company, then I think you need a tax registration number, either HST or GST depending on the province. If you NET less than $30,000 (I believe, maybe a bit more) you don't have to register which means you don't have to collect/charge tax.  This number is the gross minus deductions!  Although, as a work permit holder, I wonder if you have to register anyway...we like our tax dollars! Haha.


You need to speak to an accountant or maybe the production companies line producer?

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I'd ask the producer or production accountant. Since you have a work permit, my guess is that you can have your equipment paid as a box rental without the need to collect PST or GST. You can't charge and collect GST and PST without having a business license in the country, state, or provence you'll be doing business, anyway. While it is common for sound mixers in Canada to have a business entity to reduce personal tax liability, I doubt it's worth the effort for a single production.

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I think Jason brings up a very important point... 

it pretty much boils down to: are you invoicing (and being paid by) an Australian company? or a Canadian one?

All your requirements will be based on that.


if you're on a "Work Holiday" and being paid by a canadian company it could be very tricky accounting wise.

if you're working on an australian show (for accounting purposes) then it'll be very much like you're back in melbourne.

I'll echo the other advice here and say - talk with the producer, and/or production accountant.

best of luck mate.



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