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K-Tek Now shipping the new Waist Belt


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Hi there, thought I just use this existing Topic for my question:

I`m about to order the small Stingray bag for my 633 and am not quite sure, if I should get the Stingray Harness or the waistbelt with it. From what I read so far, the harness is mainly for bigger or heavier bag setups, while the waistbelt is for small setups around the 633.

Perhaps some owners can report, if the Stingray Harness would be a bit "over the top" for a 633 with four radios  and power distro.

I can´t test them as there is no reseller nearby where I live.





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I have a lightweight bag setup and I use both a harness and a waist belt, depending on the day. If I know I'm running around more and chasing camera I wear the harness, If I'm standing but mostly stationary the belt works best.

The harness gets the bag up higher and I can tighten it to my body better. The belt sags a bit and makes running a little more uncomfortable. It could be I don't have it setup right but that's my experience thus far.

Overall they are both great and I'm glad I have the options. I love having 3 choices (harness, belt, shoulder strap) for lugging the bag. On longer shoots I'll mix it up between the different rigs to keep comfortable

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Hi Christoph,

K-Tek does have a representative in Germany, pure4c. You could ask them for a loaner if they have one. And Noyzboyz in the Netherlands might be helpful, too.

But, you know what, just buy both and whichever one you don't like, to can sell to me, as I am interested in both...

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