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wisycom radios > pic six pack > aes in, 788t

Miles Anderson

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I'm rigging a psc euro cart for a drama series and have the possibility of using a pic six pack to wrangle receivers together. I'd like to send signal to a 788t from wisycom mcr42 via aes but can't tell if it will work. I've contacted the mfg, but they haven't gotten back to me yet so I'm hoping I can discover something here. 

is there anyone here who currently does this? is there a workaround that was necessary?

the psc six pack is a perfect layout for me as I'll have two booms and 6 lavs most days, but perhaps there are other good options? (no, the sound dashboard will not work, as I need only 3 slot-in wisys).

I'll build the db37 myself from an existing xl88.


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Not sure if this would work. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but the PSC Six Pack uses Unislot standard which does not support digital audio. The SuperSlot standard expands on Unislot adding digital support but the only SuperSlot chassis available currently (the SL-6) works exclusively with the 688. 

I myslef am using this exact setup with an SL-6, 688, and Wisycom outputting digital on a PSC Euro Cart. It is an excellent setup if you can get your hands on it and if you really want digital. I attached a bad photo of it in use. (The only photo I've got right now)

Even with the receivers in analogue though I think it would be good using the Six Pack. As an RF distro and filter I don't think you would be didappointed. 


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no, that's right, the six-pack works great, and it powers the antennas nicely. I'm looking to switch from the wisy antennas to the rffield sometime soon as well, because it simplifies what I need to have/do, so I can do what you're doing.

the answer to AES out through the six-pack is: no. it isn't supported, and when you try it it doesn't work. analog it is then, and I'm building a DB37 to regular 788 input fanout with right angle connectors. fun fun!

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