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Doug Martin

TRXLA2 Power Roll Settings

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Hey Sound Geeks,

I'm unsure about the TRXLA2's power roll set up as I'm getting some readings on the screen that seem weird and aren't explained in the manual.  I could do with some advise please.

I thought the settings to use power roll from 25mw to 125mw should be: TX POWER set to 25MW and POWER ROLL set to record trigger.  This would then boost the power to full from the dormant power setting (25mw)

However, when power roll is set to on the TX POWER screen shows (50MW) underneath where the power setting shows 25MW.  what does the power in brackets mean?

Also, with the above settings, when i go into the power roll screen (which is set to record trigger) it momentarily flashes up with a '50MW'.  what does this mean? is that the power it's kicking up to when record is engaged? 

The other way someone suggested it could work is to select full power in the power screen and turn power roll on.  Enabling the power roll would reduce the power from 125mw to 25mw when not recording.

Which way round is it?  What settings are you guys using?...Glenn?!...Help!!

Many thanks

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