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Recording Computer Audio


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Hey all,

I was searching around before posting this, but I couldn't find it immediately (I hope I didn't miss a big thread on it). I notice that I'm recording audio from laptops more often than I thought I would be (all for broadcast work where a subject is sitting at a laptop listing to some random audio). The producers/camera man just ask me to lav the laptop speakers, but that creates various other problems including just bad quality.

I would love to find if there's an aux > lemo5 or aux > TA-5 so I could just get direct audio out of the laptop and hook that up to a transmitter. Now, I know that would stop audio from coming out of the speakers, so I would also have to find a solution for that. I was thinking of also having this Aux out cable split so that I could hook up a small speaker and have the audio come out of that for the person at the laptop.

Normally I would be fine with just securing a lav to a laptop to allow a bit of reality with shitty speakers, but I had some weird sounds because the speakers were hidden underneath the laptop on the last shoot. I just want to have a cable as an option in case that happens again.

Also, what are your favorite ways of mic-ing up a computer if you want to include some of the ambient room noise?

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If I'm understanding correctly, I would say record direct from the PC's audio out into a Tx, or, better, line in into your mixer. (Don't forget the output will be unbalanced stereo, so you'll need to account for that.) Record the room ambiance separately. I don't imagine it needs to be in sync, so you could just use your room tone track. Let post deal with mixing them. If you do record direct in to your mixer and you don't otherwise have a Comtek, you could use your wireless to feed an IFB signal from your mixer back to your actor and just make it look like he's jacked into the laptop.


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