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Sony DWX-N Series Wireless (IBC 2015)

Michael Capulli

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looks like Sony has upgraded their DWX wireless - N for Network? Now 3 codec modes, Mode 1 for compatibility with original systems, Mode 2 which is higher audio fidelity and lower latency, and mode 3 which is extended range and error-correction. Not sure about the portable receivers but the rack receiver is wideband from 470-700. When you use a wifi router you can now view all of your dwx devices either transmitters or receivers and control parameters from an iOS or android App. On the english Sony website it shows updated rack receiver, handheld microphone transmitter and body pack transmitters only. There doesn't look to be an updated plug-on transmitter or slot receiver yet - however I found on google some images of a new portable receiver unit DWR-P01DN which looks to be basically the slot receiver permanently installed into the adapter (DWA-F01D). In this other (assuming IBC) showroom image there appears to be an updated slot-style receiver unit DWR-S02DN - however can't find any information on this.

The iOS App...


Looks quite interesting if you read the details of the app - "You can make settings or changes to the following: names of receivers and the paired transmitters, power save, RF power, input level, attenuator, low cut filter, +48V power supply, internal signal, power switch lock, analog output level, antenna attenuator, antenna DC power supply, sync source, and delay adjustment. You can enable/disable the control function by Read-only mode setting."

I attached some images of the app too.. - trying to gather the facts, not sure if you can use the network / app stuff without a rack receiver - am I wrong? do anyone else have any information on this new stuff?





oh and this thing - half rack receivers?


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