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Simon Hayes Greensleeve


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Matt and Simon, thank you .

This makes me wish I did more green screen work. Simple and ingenious. Would love to see in operation, shortening or extending the pole and keeping cable tension on the pole whilst thegreen sleeve is on. 

The bit about using the pull loop with you finger for tension whilst booming made me smile, as this is a method I was taught early on to correct accidental cable slackness on the pole mid take.

 Oh and I may be a bit of a panamic fanatic, so yeah there's that to. 

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Thank you everyone for the positive responses.


The Greensleeves are shipping.
This picture shows exactly the kind of intricate VFX paint out that can be completely avoided by using the new product.Greensleeve enables boom poles to cross sets and actors when working against green enabling closer mic'd dialogue without any impact on the VFX budget.

£90+VAT inc Shipping in the UK 

£90 GBP + Shipping Worldwide





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