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Marc Hoppe

AA Battery holders

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Could you explain this better (since I'm using Imedions too and some batteries has the sheathing peeled off)?

I've run into problems with the Imedions with a few devices where they will not work (electrically) with peeled off sheathing.  My Mozegear Tig was one of them.  I can't remember which others.  Not sure if they were shorting against each other or the side of the battery compartment.

Of course the other issue with the peeling is that you can get batteries stuck in tight battery compartments- My Ambient Lockits boxes have this issue.. 


Brent Calkin

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Been using Dot Line boxes for years and not one broke so far. Top notch, love these.



I have one of those and I like it, but I am ideally looking for something lighter and less bulky- ideally the Storacell solution that does not tear my batteries up.

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