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SRCing Poly BWAV from 96k to 48k

David A-Ribeiro

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Hello everyone,

Say there is a break during a shoot and you go record some useful ambience & FX, switch from 48k to 96k, and forget to switch back to 48k for the next few takes when the shoot resumes.

What are your suggestions to do this conversion,considering the priorities are,in order of importance:

1.sound quality

2.preserving metadata

3.possibility of batch conversion

Thankful for any tips


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  Re-sampling down to 48k should not affect the dialog sound quality enough to be of concern. I would use a  DAW or audio waveform editor .
I would first check out Sound Device's 'Wave Agent' and see if that can do it. OTOH, Sound Forge Pro can batch re-sample..Not sure about batch converting w/ metadata though..  Normally versions 10 & 11 should w/o altering or losing it. providing you use 'Save'...   'I think the  'Save as' process.will lose it,  I can check this out later when I get home.

I don't know about the Sound Forge Pro Mac version.


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I checked the batch convert process in Sound Forge Pro 10 & 11 with a BWF (version 1, whatever that is). The batch converter retained the metadata. It also has the option to change some basic metadata entries, Artist, Title, Engineer, ect. (not TC). The file name can be amended to as well.

OTOH, if the file is 'Saved as' in the normal mode (no-batch convert), the metadata is wiped. A normal save of an existing file retains the data. A BWF cannot be created from scratch though in SF, however a work-around would be to copy an existing BWF, replace the audio, change the metadata parameters if needed and re-save.


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