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A past experience with a manufacturer


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During the early years of using my brand new Sonosax SX-8 I suffered from sticky faders.

Now removing faders, taking them apart, cleaning with dry fluon and lubing the slider rod with

the correct material and putting them back is quite a lengthy task.

I contacted P&G directly and they sent some sample bushes to solve the problem.

Great it was the perfect solution!

So I asked to buy some more and was told by P&G that as I had faders that were were not using

these bushes that therefore I could not purchase them!!!

I replied saying that you sent them to me a a solution and it worked.!

No go, so I contacted the Australian rep and got them that way.

Does any of this sound logical???


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Logic and common sense are not always abundant. Never let the right hand know what the left hand is doing......that way you keep your options open....just the same as never having all your bank accounts with just one bank...Cheers Mike



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I rang P&G to ask what was the correct oil to put on my sticky faders. They were really helpful, and then explained that they couldn't sell any as I was not on their system, nor could I be put on their system, as I was an 'end user' !!! They then asked for my address, and the follwing day a bottle of said oil arrived in the post, FOC.

On the one hand their 'systems' suck, and on the other they are brilliant. I am still using the same bottle of oil, some 5 or more years later!!!!





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