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From whips to antenna bag setup


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Hi all,

i m contemplating the idea of stepping up my antenna reception in my bag while remaining light and portable.

Vast majority of my work my reception is sufficient with whips but once in a while i need that extra range.

For now i got 3 lectro srb's (two in block 22 and one in block 25).

i know i could get dipole antenna type to plug directly on the sr's but maybe allowing to remote my antenna to up to 15 feet would be better.

size and weight is a priority in my choice of equipement and i d rather not have to put another piece in my bag permanently. Just something i could plug directly to the srb's sma when needed.

thanks in advance for your advice,






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I made two floppy dipoles that I can easily carry in the bag for when I need more range.  They've come in handy a couple of times -- most recently, yesterday, when we were shooting a couple on bicycles from a chase vehicle.  I was in the front passenger seat and just looped them up over the visor.  It made a significant difference.

A short while back they got the job done when we were shooting three guys from a distance down the sidewalk as they did a walk-n-talk.  That time, I just temporarily put them up through loops on my harness.


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I've got an PSC RF multi built with cables and a couple SNA600s in a small case at the bottom of my backpack/case in case I need extra range. Takes a minute or so to do the switchover though. So some advance planning is required. The sna600s performed better than whips. The floppy lectro dipoles cut to one block did not, in my experience. 

In bag situation I've installed soft side velcro on top of orca bag to mount antennas. Or a selfie stick to remote them (about 3-4ft). 

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