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Wireless frequencies allocations in Pakistan. Does anyone understand it?


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Hi guys,

I'm based in Pakistan and am curious as to how one decides what Block to choose for their wireless while purchasing.

I found a list of Pakistan Frequency Allocations online, but am not sure how to make sense of it.




What do blocks of frequencies we're entitled to come listed as in a list like this? Is it obvious which blocks are useful for Location Audio wireless in this list?

Do the ones that we're not allowed to use just show up as unavailable while scanning?


Thanks for any insight/info folks!

Faiz Z


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Hi Faiz,

Looks to me like the stuff that works with most UHF wireless gear is on page 29 from frequency 470 to 890MHz.

It's listed as


Which looks pretty similar to how things are allocated in much of the rest of the world.

The question of who has the rights to certain frequencies in your country is the main question.  I don't know what laws Pakistan has for using radio frequencies.  In much of the less regulated parts of the world, the best thing to do is to do a frequency scan of the area you are going to work and do it every day at different times to see what kind of radio activity is happening.  You can use a unit like the handheld spectrum analyzer available from these people. www.rf-explorer.com

If there is no or limited activity in certain frequency areas that match similar frequency blocks of wireless microphones, those are the ones to buy.  

Generally in the rest of the world, our wirelesses operate in the spaces between on the air TV stations; If you have TV station transmitters nearby, they will show up on any scans you do with the analyzer.



Brent Calkin




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