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AES surround-sound meet Nov17 free 8 pm


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For its upcoming November 17 monthly meeting, the AES Los Angeles Section is throwing a creative focus on the immersive surround-sound capabilities of today’s Virtual Reality for gaming and other consumer playback, in addition to hosting a unique Career Networking gathering for audio professionals and students to meet with prospective employers and colleagues to discuss employment opportunities. The meeting will be held at Harman International, Northridge, starting at 6:30 PM for the Career Networking portion of the evening and 8:00 PM for the VR presentations, and will be limited to 150 attendees on a first-come basis. Event sponsors include Harman and Source Sound.

Please RSVP for the event at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aes-la-audio-for-virtual-reality-tickets-19103574305 

 **Important Parking Info** Please use the Employee Parking Entrance for parking at this event. The Employee Parking Entrance is located just south of the main entrance, at 8370 Balboa Boulevard. 


Organized and coordinated by Linda A. Gedemer, Adjunct Professor at LMU-School of Film and Television’s Recording Arts Department, “Virtual Reality for Consumer Media” will be presented by Tim Gedemer, President/CEO of Source Sound and Charles Deenen, Director of Source Sound Digital, a Los Angeles-based sound design and mixing group that specializes in immersive, VR-specific audio services. Other presenters include Joel Susal, Director of Virtual and Augmented Reality at Dolby Laboratories and Adam Somers, Senior Software Engineer at Jaunt VR. Joel Susal is responsible for leveraging Dolby's immersive surround-sound technologies, while Adam Somers is responsible for audio technology and Mac/PC application development for Jaunt, in addition to working on web and mobile applications. 

Tim Gedemer is a 27-year veteran of the Hollywood feature-film post community, with concentrations in music, sound design, mixing, sound supervision and sound editorial. He has been honored with an International Monitor Award, several MPSE Golden Reels Awards and was a member of the Academy Award-winning team for the film U-571. Having worked for both Interplay Entertainment and Electronic Arts, where he led audio teams in the development of EA’s racing franchises, Charles Deenen has worked on more than 300 feature-film and game trailers, in addition to dozens of award-winning commercials and feature films. He has been nominated for a several MPSE Golden Reel Awards and is credited with a win in 2012. He leads the firm’s game-audio division on cinematics and trailers for such titles as Star Wars, Halo, Gears of War, Xcom 2, Mirror’s Edge and Call of Duty.

Source Sound was also involved in the production of the first mainstream theatrical trailer for Dolby Atmos immersive surround sound, the first game Atmos reveal and the first Atmos VR experience. In addition to serving as an audio finishing provider to both Warner Brothers' and Fox’s feature-film marketing groups, the firm’s separate division, Source Sound Digital, services the game and interactive media industry. Deenen and Gedemer also worked on a number of VR projects with Jaunt, a leading developer of technologies for creating cinematic Virtual Reality experiences, including the Paul McCartney and Jack White concert experiences, as well as the cinematic short film Kaiju Fury from Jaunt.

Meetings are free and are open to everyone including students, non-members and guests. 


Please see our website at www.aesla.org for additional Section information and activities.

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