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Sennheiser AVX problem

Lauri Laagus

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Hi all.

I thought that AVX systen would be goot to use for camera hop, but I noticed some weird harmonics in the signal.

Sent test tone from SD633 to AVX and recorded it on the computer. Did the same test with cable connection and got these results.

Also compared AVX to Azden pro-dx. Audio files added.

Can anyone confirm that.

First pic is AVX, second ,cable connection






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Experienced exactly the same with AVX with - with tone, but I was stunned how good the system sounded with other signals like voice and white noise.


I guess the described problem is not really a problem

Yes dialogue sounds good, using MKE-2 mic really good. :) Tested it with white noise, AVX added bit low end.

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I used the AVX as a camera hop. The bad reproduction of sinus made it difficult for me to adjust levels on camera somehow because the harmonics made the signal kind of louder.

But anyway: AVX is a good sounding system

When i'm using avx for hop, I adjust camera levels only with voice. Pushing levels in mixer to full limiting and setting camera level accordin to that.

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Just got AVX demo unit from reseller. Straight away noticed that transmitter antenna leek square waves into signal if microphone cable gets close. Anyone have experienced same issues? Used MKE-2 for the test. Must to admit that G3 perform on loud sources much better as well. When AVX limiter kicks in, most of the sound harmonics disappear and left is only noisy partials, unlike G3, which gain you are able to control and performs well. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 13.41.55.png

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The AVX system was built with some kind of 'fixed' auto leveling circuit, and primarily designed for the non-sound folks (OMB video shooter), who can't set levels (or RF frequencies) to begin with and doesn't hear those things anyway.

Never used an AVX system, which is probably the case with most production sound mixers. (this forum)

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