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Yosemite Installer

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10.10.3 updater seems to be here - it's about 1.9Gb so I guess it's the whole thing.....


and 10.10.5 seems to be here - 2.1Gb


I'm running Pro Tools 11 with 10.10.5, but I updated before El Capitan so didn't use these updaters directly as downloads (I don't think unless it happened in the background and they auto-deleted afterwards, and I didn't know, they're not on my boot disk now anyway) I just updated online.

Just another note, Yosemite 10.10.5 didn't get on with Pro Tools 10 with drop down menus, as the menus didn't populate with the choices, they were blank, unless you moused over them, a bit strange, but went away with Pro Tools 11.

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Thanks pindrop,

I tried downloading the 10.10.5 combo update but it requires a 10.10 install to work. If you take the full installer out of the Applications folder before updating, it will not be deleted after updating, hoping someone did that and can send me the installer.

I use Pro Tools 11 most of the time but will start testing 12, I really like to be able to prepare i/o setups without having interfaces connected.

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Ah right sorry.

Turns out I can download the full thing from the app store as a 'previous purchase' (which it wasn't because it was free!) which I've done, but it's 5.72Gb. PM me perhaps?

I guess anyone who has installed Yosemite (I just did a standard online upgrade) can also download it as a 'previous purchase' so perhaps you know someone local?

When it downloads it pre-installs itself as an app "Install OS X Yosemite.app' so you'll probably need the whole app structure contained in "Install OS X Yosemite.app' rather than just the InstallESD.dmg and OSInstall.mpkg files, but that's easy enough to just copy "Install OS X Yosemite.app' as a file, I hope?

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