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Comtek Antenna Combination Question (See Picture)

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Have not tried that, but the bst 75-216 comes with the option 7 antenna and I have used it without the mini mite with good success, though the range was not quite as good as with the mini mite. Why dont you give it a test and report back? I'd be interested to know. 

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I'm not certain I understand the question here. Is it just whether the Mini-Mite would outperform a simple whip? If the comparison is versus a 1/4-wavelength whip like the antennas customarily used with body packs, the answer is YES. But the Comtek Base Station transmitters are usually supplied with a telescoping antenna that is probably a 1/2 or even a full wavelength antenna (just guessing) so the full answer is a bit more complicated.

We ran some tests of transmitting antennas for the 695 Quarterly. You may find the article in the Summer 2011 edition:


And the specific article (Testing the Transmitting Antennas: Mini-Mites and Miracle Whips) can be found at this link:


In general, we found that the telescoping antenna supplied with the transmitter worked about as well as anything but the remote antennas (Mini-Mite, Miracle Whip, etc.) offered equivalent performance with the convenience of being able to locate the antenna anywhere on the cart. (Three feet of telescoping antenna can be cumbersome.)


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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the replies.

The question was regarding running a mini mite with the 1/4 length antenna that's usually on the M-216, instead of using the much longer whip that comes with the mini-mite.  

I tried it out, and didn't notice much of a difference, though the tests I run in my apartment building rarely ever reflect real world applications.  This setup was purely done as an experiment to save space/height on my cart.  I'm going to try it out for a while and see how it goes range-wise.  I'll keep you guys posted.



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I use a k-tek shark "t bar" as an antenna boom. Typically I mount the mini mite on the top of the boom and mast in the center. But sometimes, in the case of a low sealing, I'll fit it underneath pointing downward on one side or another, wherever it won't be in the way of people. As long as it is vertical it is technically positioned correctly, whether it is pointing up or down is relatively indifferent, though how high it is in the air may also factor in to your results. If you require mote range or performance you may consider this as an option. 

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