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Rycote Kit 1 and 8060 observation UPDATE


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Daniel thanks you're right of course, I really wanted something smaller and more portable than my 60 . The problem with my 60 is that in a basket it's huge. Other than that I like it. The 8060 seemed really good as even in a basket it's a nice size for running around. I think I'll keep it. If the mic is too directional it can make booming a bit tricky sometimes and the 8060 seems a little wider than the 416 but not so that it causes too much background noise which is the obvious payoff. I haven't tried the Sanken, but it's as long as my 60 from the looks of it, so i'd be in the same situation as before. My 633 has a bass cut which I leave in usually of course. The kit 1 seems O.K., I just wondered if the basket resonance can be tamed a little...

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Just wanted to set the record straight on this one. I swapped out my WS-1 for the non ZLM one, so the lyres are now stiffer and it now works fine. I now think that the funny ringing might have bees some weird combination of my boom pole, the lyres and the basket all being in sympathetic resonance.

I would like to say that the 8060 WS-1 combo is really fantastic. The basket is just a great size, and the mic is basically just like a 416 but nice and short and with a better wider sweet spot. I tested the WS-1 fur in high wind the other day and it works great. I'm very happy. I would say however that I wouldn't but the ZLM version. It's unnecessary as you can fit a short XLR in a normal kit just fine.



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