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Transmitter Sound Comparison

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I just wanted to share a transmitter test I have done today. All recordings have been done with a Voice Technologies VT 500.

Transmitters used: 

Lectrosonics LT, LMB, SMB and Sennheiser G3. 

The Gain on the Lectro Transmitters wes set on 25, Noise Reduction has been turned off. Sennheiser Input was set to -33. 

Whats your opinion on the sound differences?






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I would point out that the receiver will also affect sound quality to a point. It's the whole chain: the mic, the preamp, the transmitter, and the receiver. I think RF range and reliability are often more important factors than sound quality, assuming the sound quality is at a reasonable level. It's very interesting to compare TX/RX systems with test tones (not microphones) and see what losses are in the system.

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I heard differences between all...

Lectro LT has significant lows and highs. (great presence)

Lectro LMB has only significant highs.

Lectro SMB is the weakest and closest lows & highs

Sennheiser G3 has significant highs (good presence)

The small difference between LT nd G3 was a surprise for me in terms of sonic quality, because I use all Lectros on my setup which costs much much more than Sennheiser G3.

Hybrid Technology, DSP, A/D and RF transmitting are different criterias to benchmark.

And I love also VT-403... my little fragile magician from Switzerland

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G3 with decent mics go very well with normal talking, imho. With a little bit of luck also their transmission range can be impressive. The Lectros enter the game when people start to yell, stir in the porcelain cup, clap their hands and then whisper, play with their keys or run away shouting. It's the extreme ends, where those high end Tx still can deliver usable sound.

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I also find wardrobe and mic rigs to be more important than just about anything in terms of quality of what you hear.

Obviously if it doesn't get to the receiver or distorts beforehand all bets are off. But I'd take a well rigged G3 on a transparent piece of cotton cloth to the best of mics and transmitter under a leather coat.

The dark art or putting a wire on someone well is never to be dismissed.

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