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Upgrading harness and bag


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So my current harness and bag setup is a Versaflex harness with the original Stingray bag (the blue one for the 633). I'm really interested in the K-Tek harness, but I'm torn between getting the updated Stingray bag (#2) or going with Orca. Anyone out there that's tested both bags with the K-Tek harness? Which one feels better on your back? Also I was told that I may want to go a size up in the bag for the Stingray since I'm not using low profile cables (Running a SD 633).

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13 minutes ago, edward chick said:

The Ktek harness seems a little complicated to get in and out of for run and gun type situations.

It does take a little getting used to, but now that I've gotten used to the Stingray harness I could never go back to the Orca/Versa-Flex combo I was using. The Orca bag doesn't have six mounting points to use the Stingray harness as it's intended, you could rig something up but I feel like it would make the Stingray harness less effective.

I went back to using the original Stingray bag for my 633 and it's worked alright, I do feel like the new versions of the Stingray make it easier to clip into with the additional D ring mounting points and the D rings the flow along the top side of the bag. I'll probably pick up one of the Stingray Junior bags for a small run and gun kit.

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