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Bluetooth to XLR


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On a TV show I will have to record a FaceTime call on a phone. The director do not want to see any wire. Do you know if there is a bluetooth to xlr adapter ?

I will probably have to send ton the phone the progra (minus 1).

Any ideas ?


Thank you

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Just happened across this...


But that's just for receiving audio...

However, I think the bluedriver is the only game in town as far as allowing you to send audio back down the bluetooth stream back TO the phone/ipad or whatever... I'm sure there are others but not that I've seen. So the workflow would be:

Lav mic on talent -> RX -> Mixer input -> mixer aux out 1 (pre) -> Bluetooth return (heard by the party on the other end of the line)

Bluetooth Receiver -> mixer input -> Mixer aux out 2 (pre) -> Earwig or induction earpiece on talent

So the phone (apart from the facetime picture if you're doing a video call) essentially is just a vessel to make the call, it won't input or output any audio. I *think* that's the way to do it!! I've been meaning to test this out for ages, but in truth these things often happen in the heat of the moment and a speakerphone held close to the talent's lav mic works just fine - and probably sounds the most natural if that's what's happening in the scene.

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pick up the audio from the person who is in front of the iPad. Normally it is pretty clear. Straight from the FaceTime, sometimes the audio cracks from the connection... It's different sounding from what we heard real life. Or if someone is holding the phone. Mic his wrist, or the clothes. I did few times wiring iPhones, doesn't sound good, not real... But the shoot conducted two sides... So ... We actually record the real voice from another side of FaceTime. 

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