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My account can't type....

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Sorry, Jaymz, I don't know why this is happening. It cannot be because of any IP blocking since you would not have been able to log in and post your "message" (graphic) if your IP was blocked. When things were working when you are in a different location, were you using the same computer, the same browser, the only thing that changed was your IP and connection? Quite baffling. Feel free to email me at jw@jwsoundgroup.net to further try and sort this out. Have you tried entering text in the Contact Us form and sending that on?

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Jaymz has reported to me that he solved the problem. There was some kind of confusion and his IP was being blocked somewhere, but he figured out a workaround and all is good now. I'm glad he figured it out because there wasn't anything that I knew of on my end that I could do.

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