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XLR Soldering


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Hello again everyone,

I'm brand new to soldering XLR cables, but I have some extra laying around and I want to practice. I opened up a star quad cable and noticed 2 cables for each connection on the xlr plug.

I'm trying out soldering a 3 pin female to 5 pin male (for a camera top mic to play the same mono in both stereo tracks). Would i be able to just split these cables up and solder each of the 5 wires (including shield) to the 5 connections on the 5 pin male end? would this effectively send the mono track and split it to both channels on a camera? or will I have to create a connection wire instead?

Thanks for the advice!

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Like Peter said, you don't necessarily need a special type of wire for the jumper and you can definitely just use a piece of cut wire from the same cable.
However if you find that you have trouble with such a short piece of stranded wire, solid-core can easily be used and possibly more easily handled and will make absolutely no difference in quality when dealing with a few mm.

Any small-gauge piece of copper will work.

Or you can find diamond-coated, oxygen-free, rabbi certified kosher, gluten-free copper and sell the otherwise average cable for thousands of dollars to the audiophile community.

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