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Stereo ifb


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I know you said no base station and all, but I'll still tell you that I did a few bag jobs with a Sennheiser sr300 in my bag. They are big, but fairly light, too, and the form factor does fit a bag easily. And they run on 12V, so it was really simple to set up. Don't know of any other system.

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Do you mean stereo, or 2 channel?   A stereo FM transmitter is going to sound bad if you feed it with 2 unrelated signals.  (Because Stereo FM is transmitted with a sum and difference signal, and the difference signal requires more bandwidth, = more probability it gets interference)

A friend was looking at these for "silent Disco parties":


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12 hours ago, TomBoisseau said:

It is worth noting that the Sennheiser IEM300 system is fully compatible with the G3 100 beltpack transmitters.  So you can use a small transmitter for bag use (howbeit mono only) or you can use the SR300 on your cart allowing full stereo transmission.


But using a G2/G3 beltpack transmitter (mono) you have to turn off the pilot tone on your IEM300 . The stereo systems work on a different pilot-tone frequency.

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