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Front And Center Bullet Mics

Rachel Cameron

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4 hours ago, Rick Reineke said:

Likely has the guts of the Shure 520 'Green Bullet', the favorite mic for most R&B harp players. Nice looking for sure.

Looks like from green-bullet competitors/alternatives like Turner (though admittedly, I don't know a whole heck of a lot about these mics). But here's a line from the Front and Center Mics site:

"You may choose from two types of elements; NOS crystal circa 1980's (USA) or the NOS Turner ceramic circa 1960's (USA)"


So my harmonica-modding friend (who's also a badass player...and a sound designer and composer for games) liked the site Rachel shared and then sent this link to Greg Heumann's site. He's apparently a big deal in the custom-harp mic world. He'll do stuff like wood body and custom grills. Like this one for Rod Piazza (RP):






And many many more. Dig it:


(Rachel, hope this feels like an extension of your thread and not a hijacking --jim)

What a world!

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Rachel, Jim, et al -  Ya'll got me curious ... (Just thought I'd share.)


Published on Apr 14, 2013

Håkan "Hawk" Ehn plays Hohner Marine Band DeLuxe harmonica in A through a wood microphone made by Greg Heumann.

Microphone connected into vacuum tube preamplifier BEHRINGER Tube Ultragain MIC200 connected into DIGITECH Vocal 300 multieffects pedal connected into BOSS BR-1200CD digital recording equipment. Reverb, delay and bass & drums tracks was created in BOSS BR-1200CD. No guitar amp was used.



Colour me impressed.


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