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Thanks @Johnny Karlsson

That said, you picked the 8+
option, which is what I’m inclined to do. However, your answer does not resolve whether the newer audio board with the +24 option input level will hold its settings. Sounds like folks have gotten burned on here with the signal bumped up on the mix when the camera powers back on. And thankfully they are going double system.


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Not sure what you mean there, James  - - I set the rotary switch on the side of the camera (with options of Mic/Line/AES) to LINE. Then in the display meters, set to "manual", lined up -20 with tone.

On this particular job, the camera was locked off on sticks in a white syc for 3 days, so I just cabled up to it from the 888 and since I could, would check the return once in a while - and nothing changed in terms of settings... but either way - camera sound was just for reference / syncing purposes. We had a TC box on the camera, and also using TC Slate, so even if the on-camera sound would have been unusable, post should still be able to figure it out.


I thought it was surprising that an Arri camera wouldn't take a "normal" professional line level signal, but had to be fed -10dB. And then this thread came up. And this was actually the first time in probably at least 3-4 years that I've seen an Amira on job.

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You had an older Amira.


If you have an older Amira it will have mic or +8. A newer audio board will have +24 of headroom as an additional option, which would be a blessing but for the fact that we’ve had sound operators on here reporting that their signal came back 16db over what they calibrated, which would correspond with the settings moving back to +8, plus the consumer signal in which they calibrated… 


in other words, with the new audio board, I would still go with the established practices on this camera unless someone else other than you or I chimes in and confirms any improvements in the latest firmware…


I can also let you know if my team got burned this weekend…

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In my case last weekend, we used the new gain settings on the Amira. I had a camera op who checked that things were where I left them after any battery switches. We also did fine with the mic inputs out of my AT825, and the director found even more use for that footage. That level of buy-in and cooperation, not to mention focusing and remembering to do so, is an exception. I will attest to the set up resulting in a very functional mix recording. For a news package or for going on-air the channels I work for would run with it. 

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