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Wideband SM series

Jesse Flaitz

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My understanding is that, while the SRc is a wideband receiver (looking forward to getting mine) due to technical difficulties in producing an SM series transmitter that is both wideband, and capable of 250mw, it appears there is currently no production of wideband TX (aside from the L series).  If that is the case, it seems a bit odd to have single block TX and wideband RX.  It's not the worst thing, but could get a little confusing.

Are the UMs getting a wideband update? Or has the LT transmitter replaced the UM?

Personally, I'd much rather have 100mw power and wideband in the TX, but 250mw does seem to be one of the selling points of the SM.

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There was a discussion on this in another thread. Essentially Lectro cannot make a 250mw wideband SM because of the physical contraints of specific parts. But, in that thread, many people voiced that they would be ok with wideband SMs that could only go up to 100mw. 

I would too, and my thought is this: if 250mw is that important, keep your current tx, and pull them out when necessary. 

I use all SMQVs, but 90% of the time I leave them at 100mw. Only in rare instances will I bump them up to 250mw. Instead I am working on better ways to remote my antennae, because having them closer to the tx will give you better results than having a more powerful tx. 

In some instances, having a more powerful tx is not only necessary, but it is also the only option. I know this from experience, having had done a number of jobs that requited me to make the impossible happen. But this is why I would likely keep my current tx and buy new wideband ones to work along side them, so that I have as many options as possible. 

If enough people show interest in wideband SM tx with a 100mw cap on them, then they will likely consider making them. Write a letter fellas

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