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Mismatched Sennheiser G3 frequency presets

Adam White

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Hi friends,

i just picked up a G3 IEM belt pack to use in conjunction with my other G3 equipment. Standard procedure for many of you.

Now could someone explain to me why the frequency presets for band A on the IEM receiver do not match the presets for the EK/SK100 body packs in the same band?

I realize we can program user presets, but really, did they have to do that?

My apologies if there is an existing thread that covers it. My searches can up empty.



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And... The answer is:

There are several factors involved that affect channel spacing for in ear monitor systems, but probably the most relevant of these is the proximity effect of numerous transmitters housed together in a rack. With the narrow channel spacing of a conventional EW system, there is no problem because the transmitters are usually meters apart when in use, and will not intermodulate or otherwise interfere with each other. This is not the case when the transmitters are centimeters apart and in the same location.


IEMs work somewhat backwards to the conventional systems in operation.


You’ll note the bandspread from the conventional is only about 500 kHz, whereas the IEMs are almost  one mHz apart.

Now you know why.


With best regards,

W.A.C. (Bill) Carter

Service Dept.


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