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I was on a doc with an Amira a few weeks ago and the cameraperson spent a lot of time shooting slo-mo.  The camera said "Sound Disabled" and I was assuming that these were "B roll" type shots.   I still boomed them but in a more "relaxed" manner, not reaching for every word, etc.

We're doing the same kind of shoot tomorrow and the director informed me that they want the option of speeding slo-mo shots up to 24 fps and syching the sound to my card.  I'm going into the camera via camera hop and recording on my 633.  It's no problem for me to boom everything in my usual diligent manner, but is it possible for them to sync this sound and is it common practice to have the option to speed up slo motion shots?

Thanks, Judy

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It's possible to sync, but they should use a slate. TC won't work. Speeding up is possible, but it looks weird, but maybe they can compensate. But they could also slow down your audio for a slo-mo fx, so I tend to always roll for slo-mo

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On 3.6.2016 at 7:39 PM, RadoStefanov said:

Something to be aware of is every time Amira changes back from slow mo the time code is wrong. So a jam box should be feeding it TC at all times.

Same on F5/55 and FS7.

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