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Billy Crystal's Muhammad Ali Eulogy / Tribute

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I had the most amazing experience in 1963 to be be the public address sound mixer for the

Clay versus Copper fight at Wembley Stadium in London.

We installed a line column speakers above each corner of the ring and dug a line into the turf

in order to connect to the stadium PA system

My mixer and power amps were under the ring so I sat at nose level to the ring for the fight.

The afternoon before the fight US and UK TV channels asked me for feeds so I guess I invented

D/I boxes from my high impedance valve gear to feed low impedance balanced mike level feeds.

I controlled simply a mike for the bell and another for the handheld announcer in the ring.

The pre-fight was electrifying as the boxers, spotlighted, entered the stadium!

Poor Henry had very damaged eyebrows so towards the end of the fight I could see blood

pumping out of them as Cassius danced around him.

The event still remains in my mind as a remarkable event in my career

God or Allah bless you Muhammad, you were a champion and an inspiration!


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Ya, that is unexpectedly fantastic. Funny, touching, personal. 

I felt bad for Bryant Gumbel who had to follow Crystal...

BTW- his opening "we're at the half-way point" line came after the memorial had already run for something near three hours... 

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