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About Lectro ALP620 shark fin with PSC SMA

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Hi~I have 2 sets of UCR411 and um400a and want to buy 2 pairs of Lectrosonics shark fin.I wonder if ALP 620 can be used with PSC SMA antenna splitter.I have a friend ,he has 2 ALP 650 and one PSC SMA splitter and they work very well .ALP 620 is cheaper than 650 but I don`t know if it can ONLY work with SMA without extra power supply and amp cuz I heard that 620 has no amplifier and must work with ufm230 or ufm50 to make the signal amplified and then powered with other EXT power supply,is that true?
Thank you very much~
alp 620.png
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The ALP620 is a high gain antenna - while it may be passive, it is a directional pickup pattern and will boost your signal.  An in-line RF amplifier is NOT for amplifying the RF, it is for making up for line losses on the cabling.  So, yes, that combination will work very well - you only need the RF amplifiers if you plan on very long cable runs.

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Yup, never. I was using SNA600's before in my setup and they were great, but they didn't always have the range i needed... I was always keeping and eye on RF levels and wishing i had setup closer to the action. With the ALP's it's like BOOM, signal is "locked" in hard no worries. Running all TX's at 100mw. 

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Unscripted variety... Filming all over the U.S.  

Two seasons on "American Diner Revival", renovation/ design series. I'll park either outback near video village or near front door area... They would renovate a diner and i'd have full range inside, and depending on size, usually the kitchen area as well. 

Four Seasons on "Barnwood Builders", construction/ De-construction type show. I'll park "out of sight"  somewhere or sometimes in plain view in a camo tent. Talent (8) are all over the place heavy equipment, climbing logs, sweating etc. TX's in pockets at 100mw. No probs at all. 

664/ CL12

3 SRB's BLK 19, 22, 24

3 411's BLK 20, 21, 26

all TX's SMQV's

all powered by Li NP1's,

One thing that did surprise me is that the SRB's seem to get a much better signal then the 411's with the RF MULTI/ ALP620 and/ or the SNA600's, so much that I re built my setup so the SRB's are the primary  go to systems. Of course I always coordinate all freqs wherever I land, and do a quick walk around test to make sure nothing silly is going to bust me up. 

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So I do fast-paced scripted TV in NYC with 3 cameras shooting all over the place so it's hard to be very close to set but we do our best to get the antennas our there. It's never more than 4-6 lavs (UM400s and SMQVs) and 2 wireless booms, all 100mW, going through either ALP620s or more recently Shure Powered Antennas, RF Multi SMA and SRbs. Some days/locations are better than others but I've had some terrible RF situations which have scarred me and made me superstitious.

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