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want music on tape?


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In the age of free downloads I quite like the idea of having a few favourites on such a format, especially if original recording were analogue. In a way its a bit like 'how many times will I listen to a particular tune' vs 'how many tunes have I downloaded'.

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I somehow don't miss the Wow,  the Flutter,  The joy of stretched tape and flaking oxide. The "whump whump whump" of a flattened pinch wheel.   Not to mention the tape hiss and muffled sound of a misaligned head azimuth.  Analog,   May it rest in peace.  "Warmth" be damned.

Sorry analog,   we get our "Warmth" now from lossy compression.:mellow:

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My half-inch Studer A80 master tape machine sounds great! 😉

Built like a tank and a furtiture in my control room.

Plug-ins are not 100% "there" yet sound wise.

Actually I miss the wow and flutter, at least the wow, helps gel the music and harmonies together.

Do I roll much tape? Unfortunately not, that has to change... :-)




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