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Sound Noob looking for recommendations! (And hello!)

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Hello! I apologize in advance if this is the incorrect sub-forum for this but as you can tell by the name i am a total sound noob. I also apologize in advance if i completely butcher sound terms, words, the meaning of them or just completely make no sense. I am though very good with computer tech and looking at hardware and figuring out how they work/setup.

We currently working on a project to setup some SOUND! Woohoooo!

So a little backstory, My workplace is currently going through a huge building transition and our new building is currently being built up next door. I work in IT here under my supervisor and neither of us really have much of a sound background in "sound" (hehe). Basically we would like to setup a PA system in our new cafeteria, Something just for like a microphone setup for a public speaker or some light music to be played, nothing that will really have continuous constant use. I was informed that we would need some type of mixing/sound board, and would prefer an 8 Channel amp to connect 8ohm speakers too. I was told these speakers are coaxial, and that they will be wired in pairs/duo (?) around the cafeteria. We have a closet to store the board/amp things in (if i remember correctly I think theres room for an 19inch rack) but I honestly have no idea what to really look at or what to look for that would fit our needs. Any type of recommendations or even some info or knowledge anyone just wants to throw our way so we can understand this a little bit more would be greatly appreciated.


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How did you end up going with this? I did live sound production and some install work for years before I got into production audio. Happy to answer questions and provide some direction if you like.

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