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Need some info on prepping audio for syndication

Michael Miramontes

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Hello Everyone,

A previous employer of mine called me up and said his show is possibly going for syndication. Therefore, the powers at be are asking him to provide the following:


CH.1 – Stereo Full Mix, Original Language, Left

CH.2 – Stereo Full Mix, Original Language, Right

CH.3 – Stereo Mix Minus Narration or Music and Effects

CH.4 - Stereo Mix Minus Narration or Music and Effects

CH.5 – Stereo Music, Undipped. Left

CH.6 - Stereo Music, Undipped. Right

CH.7 – Mono Effects and Background Dialogue, Undipped

CH.8 – Mono Interview Dialogue, Undipped

CH.9 - Mono Narration, Original Language


He asked me if I knew anything about this or someone that can convert 24 episodes (1 hour long) to this format. Since this is Greek to me I figure I'd ask ya'll here about it. Is this something a post-house normally handles? Is it costly? etc.?


Any info is appreciated. 


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If the original post-production audio mixer (or video editor) did not render these already and the original session/project and audio files no longer accessible, the constant volume stems would be impossible, without resorting to extreme awfull sounding compression.

It used to be, a split-track mix (dialog / music & effects) was all that was needed for a foreign language version.


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3 hours ago, Michael Miramontes said:

So, if they kept all the original FCP edit files then essentially they're not dead in the water, right? 

Chances are, all the sound mixing changes were done by a re-recording mixer, so what's in the Edit session may have little to do with the final mix (save for actual edit choices). The exception would be reality shows and docos actually mixed in the edit bay, which is not generally something I like very much. Whose name is in the credits as the re-recording mixer or post sound engineer? They should "theoretically" have all the stems, but if the producer only paid for a final mix, then it'll have to be created... which will take time & money.

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The stems might exist already as part of the original deliverables, couldn't hurt to ask the post mixer. We used to deliver those versions on DA-88. I have my template setup so I can print (file or external recorder) all those in one pass so on shows that might "have legs" I usually print them and store with the archive.

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This is often an issue with indies who don't want to pay for a full deliverables package at mix time or aren't sure if they have really stopped making changes etc..  It is best to do it all at once for sure but sometimes a short wait to make sure we've avoided "buyer's remorse" is in order.  Too long a wait can result in the OP's situation.  I've had a few projects come back from the dead after a system upgrade, new computer, OS etc and that can be a real scramble.

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