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Reducing number of audio tracks

Joe Riggs

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I have a bunch of polyphonic wavs from production with 8 tracks for a 2 person stationary scene.  Some mics sound inferior than others ( I do want to keep all the tracks in the end) just for the offline edit that amount of tracks per clip makes it really cumbersome.

I'd like to reduce the number of tracks to the strongest/cleanest ones (which seem to be the first 3), then sync....or I could sync first, then reduce. I just want to make sure that by working this way, post sound will still be able to conform to the 8 track original wav file.      

Has anyone done this with Wave Agent or some other program? Are there issues conforming to all tracks in the original files, if you create new ones with only 3-4 tracks in that program?   

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Try to find out (from the production mixer) what the tracks are - also if you cannot see for yourself ask if they contain metadata with track info. Then it should be OK (even preferable) to just edit with the mix track(s) and keep the picture edit and omf simple. If there are poly files with metadata, these will be reimported in protools (and several other DAWs) and all the tracks accessible to the dialogue editor. Any 'one-offs' of 'best track' clips also in the omf for clarity shouldn't be a problem - they'll just be resourced and replaced with the 24bit masters and these incorporated into a full dialogue tracklay. But really - I'd say any workflow with this level of complexity should have a dialogue between all departments (recordist, edit, post sound) and preferably some decent notes and/or metadata.


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It's pretty common workflow, at least with Media Composer, to only cut with a single mix track. The subsequent AAF, when imported to Pro Tools, can be expanded to include all the available tracks, so long as proper metadata was captured and maintained through the process.

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