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Hi All,

Post Production Audio Question:

I have come across some post audio workflows and the topics of submix, buses and loudness normalization.

It's a side of post audio I have not seen and it does provide cleaner and fuller audio, but I do have some questions about this workflow:

To do the EQ, noise reduction, desses, etc.. for each audio clip is better to do a submix bus for each audio clip and do the EQ and other stuff OR do a submix bus for that one track and do the EQ and other stuff?

and after the submix bus then do the loudness normalization?

Any answers and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.

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Usually - but not always - there'll be more than one clip that need the same processing. So at least in my workflow, they go onto their own track, which can then be processed as a channel (not a mix), and then combined with the dialog premix. The processing isn't printed to the track unless there's a darned good reason, in which case there's also a mirror track.

But this, by the way, is eq/filtering, NR, and specialized things like reverb reduction. Not normalization, which usually shouldn't be done at all unless it's necessary to make the mix conform with a loudness regulation. Normalizing individual clips is scary, since it'll make the background level jump around...

Occasionally a specific clip will need processing (like, for a specific time-limited noise to be 'painted out' with Retouch or RX)... in which case a muted, unprocessed version clip goes onto a nearby track first, in sync.



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