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Speeding audio to match video


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A question for the gurus who know more than I.   

1.  A client sends me an OMF of a 30 second commercial and asks me to sweeten the audio and give him a mix.  Not a problem....done this many times before.   

2.  He edited his mix in Premier and sent an OMF to me for audio work.  I asked and received a reference video as well.  I use ProTools.

3.  One of his clips in the timeline was speeded up in Premier to account for some guy talking too slowly during filming.   Nothing terrible and if he hadn't told me, I may not have known.

4.  However...he included the original audio clip (sans video) and wanted me to use that audio instead of the one he speeded up, speed it up myself with my own stuff, and sync it back to the video timeline.  

This is where I am struggling.....is this a reasonable thing to ask?   I am trying to figure out how I can get frame accurate sync by speeding up his original audio.  Doesn't seem worth the effort, and I don't really know how I'd do it.  Certainly even if he told me the percentage he used to compress time, it wouldn't correlate to anything in ProTools as the algorithms are different.  



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Yeah this is something we do all the time when editing ADR - speeding up and slowing down lines for sync. 

I prefer using elastic audio in Pro Tools to do this. You can set warp points in the audio and move them around to match whatever you want. As long as you don't go too crazy with it it sounds quite natural. The X-Form algorithm seems to sound the best to me. 


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