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levels in Adobe Premier


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That's a strange problem, Mike. -30 dB is a lot. I looked around little bit, and even though it sounds like this thread represents a slightly different Premier audio issue, there are several tests here that might isolate the issue of "is it a Premier setting, or a computer audio (import?) setting?" I know your audio is fine. https://forums.adobe.com/thread/746925

Edit: Just for another A/B test, see if some (0dB) camera audio does the same thing when imported with a clip.

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On 8 septembre 2016 at 9:29 PM, bilagaana said:

I have a friend that I'm working with next week shooting on a 5d mk3 doing double system.  When we import my audio, recorded on a 633 at 0db, he has severely low levels in Adobe.  Any clues?

0 dB ? You mean in peak mode (0 peak) or in Vu mode (0 Vu) ?

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17 hours ago, al mcguire said:

I believe Mike refers to "0" dbu hash mark on the 633 screen,

we previously referred to this as  -20.


Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 4.54.07 PM.png

Yes but it is unclear. The meter can be set on peak, vu or vu+peak. And the Vu and the peak do no give the same level with voices. On première as it is in dBfs it is supposed to be a peak mode.

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VU, peak, and vu+peak are all different things, but they all have 0dbu as a reference (in this case). The +20 mark on the 633 corresponds to 0dbfs in any software (normally). To check this, do not use a voice, the various meter behaviors look different. Use the signal generator. It should hit the 0dBu mark regardless of which meter ballistic you have chosen. In your software this same tone should hit the -20dbfs mark. Then both systems are aligned.

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Ya Al, we saw that. :-)  But it's unclear to me if bilagaana (the OP) is saying his levels are around 0 dBu but they show up around -30 dBFS in Premiere Pro...and they're both round off. Or if he's saying tone at 0dBu is showing up as -30 dBFS. And perhaps the editor has the Premiere meters set fairly small so rounding's a bit more approx. At any rate, perhaps the nomenclature issue accounts for about -20 of the drop?

Bilagaana, are you saying tone at 0 shows up as -30? How did things sound to the editor (and you) when he adjusted gain?

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Do your tracks sound OK when you play them through the 633 and on your own computer?

If they sound muddy on your friends computer when tone is lifted to -20, perhaps the problem is with your friend's computer. Does it have a CPU, GPU, and enough RAM to handle h.264 video from the camera along with 2+ tracks of your presumably 24/48 (or thereabouts) audio?

Or more specifically, what computer is your friend using, and what OS, CPU, GPU, harddrive/SSD, amount of RAM does it have? 

What version of Premiere?

How is he listening to audio? Headphones? Speakers? What models?

Does tone sound muddy, or just the tracks?

Does the audio sound muddy on his system when there's only your audio playing on the timeline (ie- no video at all)?

How many tracks of audio is he attempting to play back, and at what bit/sample rates?

What specific video format is he editing? A Magic Lantern hack? (nothing against ML...but they can be taxing on computers). IPB, or I-Frame? What bitrate?

And can you record at higher levels?

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I just did a quick search and saw quite a few Mac/PC dBFS meters that indicate level.. at least within a dB or so, especially a sinewave.  Or download/install the (formally Sony.. formally, Sonic Foundry) Sound Forge demo which has an accurate FS meter. I would suspect there's a setting in Premiere that's forked up if playback within your 633 is normal.

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