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"I would like to have the remote recording capability"  ---  not sure what you are asking here. All the Zaxcom transmitters have record capability, it's one of the best functions even if you never have to use it. Many of us have used the internal transmitter recording which proved to be a real lifesaver in certain situations. There are also jobs which actually cannot be effectively done without local recording on the transmitter, so in these cases it is vital. Others I'm sure will chime in with their experiences. If your question is, however, a general question about using Zaxcom wireless, I fully endorse the Zaxcom wireless gear and haven't ever considered once using anything else.

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If you're looking to get into wireless for master camera feeds, you'd want to go the Camera Link (TRX900CL) route as a single stereo transmitter, with the RX200 as the receiver on the camera side. This would be a dual channel, TC capable master camera TX/RX set and works incredibly well. 

If you intend to purchase transmitters with ZHD modulation and recording capability for on-talent use, then you'd most likely want to pair those transmitters with a QRX200 receiver in the bag instead of an RX200. This setup works very well also, however I do suggest that anyone who goes the QRX200 route also consider immediately switching from stock 'whip' antennas to dipole antennas in the bag. I wrote a blog entry about that topic which is viewable here.

Consider then that you basically have two options for TRXLA or LT transmitters (LA = 2 AA, LT = 1 AA). First, I suggest the LA route, as the single battery option doesn't give me the battery life I require in a transmitter. This is personal preference and runtime charts can be found online somewhere. If you buy used, previously made transmitters, TRXLA2.5 or 2.6 are your options. Frequency blocks being 2.5 low (Blocks 20-23 = 512 - 614 MHz), and 2.6 high (Blocks 23-26 = 596 - 698 MHz). FCC considerations apply based on your risk tolerance, area of operation, etc.

There is much more information, but overall I suggest the Zaxcom wireless route very much to those who are interested. I'm happy I own mine, for sure.

I hope this helps.

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