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Sennheiser and Sony Lav Mod

Vivid Lizard

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Just thought I would throw in a lavaliere modification or those using Sennheiser and Sony transmitters with the 1/8" locking TRS connectors (G3's, UWP's, etc.).  As you know, lavalieres for the G3's usually won't work for the UWP's, even though they have that same 1/8" locking connector.  But...

I purchased a low-budget Senal OLM-2 lav specifically for my Sony as a backup. For the heck of it I plugged it into a G3 and dang if it didn't work. So I opened it up and saw what you see in the attached photo... a tiny 10k Ohm (brown, black, orange, gold rings), 1/8 W, 5% tiny resistor spanning between the left (Tip) and right (Ring) solder tabs. That's it. So I purchased a set of those resistors, added them to my other lavs (Senny ME2, Tram TR50's, etc.), and they now work for BOTH my G3's and UWP-D11's perfectly. No need for redundant sets (except for backup). I especially wanted to do this with my Trams so the Sony's also had a decent mic.

And here's a tip... if you do purchase the Senal OLM-2 lav at, say, B&H, get the Sony version. Why? Not only does it have the resistor already in it (not sure if the Senny version does), but it's $40 less than the Senny!  At $80 for the Sony one, it's way more practical.


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Sennheiser G3 uses the Tip for mic level audio input and the Ring for line level audio input (designed for electric guitar etc instrument outputs).

Don't know if there'd be any (negative) effect from jumping the Tip and Ring to send the same mic signal into the mic input and line input simultaneously?

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