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"New Content" on mobile browser.

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Hi Jeff,

I am using safari mobile browser on iPhone with 10.0.2 

"New Content" is my go to link, but today had to scroll through a pile of photos, one at a time, that were added to gallery by nullsound. Each one appeared as a new topic. 

I don't recall additions to the gallery being on new content feed before. I'd prefer it wasn't. Not fun scrolling through photos on mobile device looking for new content. 

Thanks :-)

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I know, I had to go through all of those photos as well...  I didn't think anybody even used the "Gallery" section on the site (it is very badly designed, difficult to use, often abused). It also bothers me when people post images that have only their default name like IMG_2343 etc., etc. If you're going to go to all the trouble of uploading all those, give them a name or description --- better yet, put them up on somebody else's site and then just a link here on JWSOUND. I will contact "nullsound" (not even sure who it is) and try and sort this out.

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