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DBa Transmitter Announcement


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That sounds awesome! Very happy to see more and more manfucturers are moving to fully digital systems.
I have two immediate thoughts with this:
1. When is the planned release? And when in Europe?
2. I am surprised to see the TA5 on these. I was under the impression that Lectro would be moving to Lemo on all tx?

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Hi Constantin, thanks for your interest. The advantages of digital transmission are many, but there are also of course challenges. The main goals of this product are A) pristine audio quality, comparable with any wireless system on the market (20-20K response, 24 bit/48 kHz conversion) and B) strong encryption for those that need it (government, corporate, sports broadcast).

To answer your questions:

1. The DBa is released now in the US, Canada, Mexico and South America. We do not yet have EU certification for this product and I'm not yet sure when that will happen.

2. Only the SSM has the Lemo connector at this time. It remains to be seen if we will put the Lemo on other transmitters, but it is a possibility, depending on the demand.

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9 minutes ago, berniebeaudry said:

Is the DR a modular system like the Venue 2?  

Yes, it is very similar in layout, with up to 6 channels in 1RU. It also has AES/EBU outputs in addition to analog. And since it is digital, it has clock in/out as well.

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Just as a point of comparison, the DBa and DR combination has the same range and walk test ability as an SM and Venue combination or UM400a and UCR411a combination. To be specific, the DBa and DR walk as well as anything we have made.
Larry F

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In very crowded radio environment digital transmission seems good, but in other situations I have not noticed a good range with digital transmission with whips antennas. Two weeks ago I added in my "all brand" test Audio LTD 1010 and Sennheiser 6042/D9000 : the result was the same (the new Zaxcom's modulation ZHD was still not available in France two weeks ago so I have not tested it.


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