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Lectrosonics Static SMQV and URC411A


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I am having problems with a SMQV M Block 26. I have own for 4 years this equipment and always have worked well. I use a DPA 4071 microphone. 

When I use this wireless kit there is a constant static I have changed microphones and its the same. 

I have never had any problem with mi Lectrosonics before. I own other kits but this is my only block 26 kit so I can't check if the problem is in the transmitter or the receiver. 

I think is the transmitter because I hear the static even when I don't plug the microphone in the SMQV, and when I plug it the static becomes louder. 

Have you had a problem like this?? Should I send my kit to service?? 



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I'm sorry no one replied to you sooner.  Naturally our Customer Service department would be happy to talk with you.

So far as diagnosing the problem goes, if you have a block 25 transmitter or receiver, you might be able to set the transmitter and receiver as close as possible in frequency (only 25 kHz or 100 kHz away) and defeat the squelch (bypass the pilot tone) on the receiver.  This wouldn't give you the lowest distortion, but it will still receive, and you'd be able to tell whether the static is still there.

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