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Richard Ragon

PIX270/PIX970 remotes

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I finally retired my old 744 back up. I got another PIX recorder.

This is probably a stupid question, but I saw someone on set hit the record button, and both recorders went on record.

How did they do that?  Yes, I read the manual.  Seams like several ways?  rs232 remote plugs?  Though eithernets? Remote plugs? Timecode?  Whats the standard here?


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the way I do it is a DIY button box with Rec and Stop buttons. Each button is double-pole single throw momentary, one pole of each switch wired to the GPIO socket on the back of each 970.

I don't like having a backup grouped via ethernet to a main recorder for transport, it seems to me to reduce the redundancy somewhat.

that said, have had some issues in a recent situation running four 970s, where two machines made up the 128 channel "Main" recorder and another pair were the "Backup". I had my GPIO button box connected to the first unit of each pair and used ethernet transport control (on two separate groups) to roll their respective paired machines. I encountered some issues with take numbers getting out of sync between machines that Sound Devices Tech support said was a known issue with using a GPIO trigger on one of a networked set of recorders, so make sure to thoroughly test such a setup.

cheers, nick.

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