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Jim Feeley

Can people edit our posts without out consent or knowledge?

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1 hour ago, karlw said:

I see that my post (above) has been edited without my knowledge. It is actually factually incorrect now.

This is a quote from post #6 in this thread:



So Jeff, what's up with that? User error, someone logging in as another user, someone with superuser/admin access run amok, an IPS bug?

Anything we or you can do to avoid this sort of thing in the future?

Or do I need (even more additional) enlightenment about something?

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It's my fault, I was doing some copy-paste of text from 3 different posts, trying to make a post of my own on this issue of dealing with latency, and somehow some things got deleted. I will see if I can get these things back. Also, I will continue to try and compose something because throughout this whole topic there seems to be a lot of confusion about phase, polarity, latency, delay and mixing --- basically, all of the elements of the original topic. Each person's post has helped, usually, in trying to clarify these issues, but there is an essential confusion at the most basic level regarding the mixing of 2 different sources (microphones ). I will post my thoughts later when I have the time.

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