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Jacek Zagaja: Do you remember pinout in Nagra? 1 is ground and 2,3 is signal. I should short 1+3?

I confess that I don't recall with absolute certainty. This is really a question for someone who was active in making cables. I would occasionally make a field repair but always ordered new cables from a technician. You might send a PM with your question to Eric Toline; he is active on this Board.

Disclaimer aside, I believe that the Nagra pin configuration would be:
1: GND
2: +
3: -

There is another issue with microphone wiring that is peculiar to the Nagra but probably of no real consequence to you. Stefan Kudelski often went his own way in matters of standards. The Nagra was wired in reverse polarity to standards adopted by every other professional manufacturer of recorders and mixers. To maintain consistency with other gear, microphones would need to use a phase reverse cable. Some individual Nagra owners would have the phase flipped in the recorder - a simple matter of reversing two wires at the XLR connector. Some microphone manufacturers, Sennheiser and Schoeps among them, offered their microphones with reversed polarity for use with Nagra recorders. I believe that the reversed polarity microphones were called "Red Dot," marked by an engraved red dot on the barrel by the connector. Phase is an arbitrary convention so it really makes no difference if you intend to use only one microphone with your recorder; there is an issue only if multiple inputs are used.


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On 2/18/2017 at 2:05 PM, Jacek Zagaja said:

Nagra 4.2 can be started/stopped shorting Mixer pins - will test soon.

But my newly purchased 4.2 has T12 only (no selector). How can I connect P48 mic or dynamic?

I am not sure, but I seem to remember that if you open the machine, there is a switch to choose D, P or T on the mic preamp cards.

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