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Arri Amira RF interference with Wireless mics

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I just wrapped a project involving the Arri Amira Camera with Zaxcom QRX200, QRX235 and the wideband transmitters.  I was not happy with the Zaxcom units at first thinking they were not as good as the old units then i was quick to realize that the issue was with the Arri Amira Camera!  The camera puts out a ton of RF energy and desensitized all my receivers and my sound persons units.  I was wondering if others have had this same experience.  

I have been digging around for some white papers but have not found any.  If any of the sound shops want to borrow my arri amira to create one feel free to reach out.  I am currently in the Brooklyn, NY area.  


Maybe there are filters i can put on the antennas that help?


would love to hear your thoughts!


thanks guys!

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I've seen the same thing happen with my Sennheiser G3 hop. Away from the camera, it has a range of 30-40 meters - on the camera, it is maybe half that. On top of that, there are rf spikes that gives dropout hits once i a while.

Did you use a wireless follow focus? I've heard that they can be a source of RF-nastiness as well..

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On 1/5/2017 at 2:46 AM, Steve Foy said:

More likely to be a dodgy BNC connector spraying RF.......... this has been documented on a number of occasions.


Absolutely!  Damaged or poorly shielded BNC cables plugged into this camera body "leak" rf, interfering with our tools.

And yes, wireless FF is also a possibility, but not quite as frequent as the BNC cable issue.  power camera down, then try powering on with one new cable at a time on the camera.


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What's extraordinary is that I am on a show with 2 or 3 minis working all the time. Always broadcasting. Always using Prestons. First time I've had no interference from anything. Knock on wood it continues!

Bad bnc cables have certainly been the culprit on previous occasions. 

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