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Rycote vs Cinela

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I just signed up and am happy to be part of this community.

I'm looking for a windshield, mainly for field recording with my Mkh 8050/30 combo. The problem is that I'm really picky with sound quality..

The windscreen I'm looking for should be as transparent as possible. Meaning as little sound or pickup pattern coloration as possible. I actually care less about the wind protection itself as I'll never be recording in heavy conditions (for now).  I've done some recordings with a regular Rycote Windshield (WS2 or WS4 can't remember) and also with a probably less known Sennheiser MZW 60-1 in the same location. Just between those two I felt the Sennheiser one was way more natural. The Rycote screen sounded as if someone has put an eq or multibandcompressor on it. I've read some good things about Cinela and am almost sold to them (the Pianissimo), but unfortunately I had no chance to do some test recordings. The first time I went out with my M/S rig, I only used foam on each mic and the results were great, but even very light wind started to interrupt my recordings and I had to sort out a lot of stuff in post. I wish I could achieve that same quality and clarity with a windshield.

As I'm doing location sound aswell, it would be great if I could modify the windshield for my Mkh 8060, but it's not a must. (Rycote is definitley more flexible)


Here are a few Cinela solutions I've found or that could probably be custom made:

Cinela Pianissimo (8050/30, 8060 and probably also 8050/8040/30 Double M/S mounts available)

Cinela Zephyx (8050/30, 8050 and maybe even 8060 (MZL) mounts, not ideal size, but should be possible. I've seen an Mkh 50/30 prototype on their website. But honestly the Piani size is fine and I don't need anything smaller)

Cinela Leonard (I'm curios if the 8050/30 combo would fit into the Leonard Ball, similiar to the Schoeps M/S version. Is this the same 3D fabric used with the Piani? Has anyone compared the sound between Pianissimo and the Leonard Ball or used both outside? I feel this could be a small, light and cheap solution for mild wind conditions)








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Very personal, I would try them out myself.

I personally find the Osix perfect concerning rumble noise, the Rycote is extremely robust, especially since they have introduced the Lyra. Cinela is the Mercedes Benz, but it needs careful handling and a quiet boom operator hand.

I would also try the Rode Blimp which is very cheap. It has enough space inside for an MS combination.

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Doing a search would be good. Lots of going back and forth about this. Like its been said, very personal. I've owned the WS4 for my schoeps MS setup for a long time. Recently I bought a Zephyx to replace it and all I can say is WOW! Transparent, reduces handling noise, for me its a much better system.

I also own the Piano and again, it is amazing. Much easier to boom with and my boom ops love it for that reason.

They are a bit more fragile but still very hearty. They always do the job. The basket themselves are floated which makes them move around and absorb any mechanical/wind noise without making sounds. It throws people off but man they work great. 



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...and if we add "extreme wind protection" to the equation, any of you dear people here had the opportunity to compare several models ? 

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1 hour ago, Boomboom said:

...and if we add "extreme wind protection" to the equation, any of you dear poeple here had the opportunity to compare several models ? 


I tried various models of Rycote and Cinela over the years. For really really extreme wind I think a large basket (like a long stereo basket)  with a fairly small mic inside, such as the 4017B, combined with the windsock and a fur, is a pretty wind resistant rig. It also sounds somehwat muffled compared to other systems. You will also need to spend some time to close off absolutely every single opening, but then it’ll work very well. Had this rig mounted outside on a car doing about 60 mph and it was no problem.

The best compromise of wind resistance, sound quality, and handling, is in my mind without a doubt a Cinela Piano. 

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