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Favorite CF Card reader with USB 3.0 interface?

Jim Feeley

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I'd like to buy two or three more to go with the one remaining (after this weekend) Lexar CF card reader.

What model CF Card reader with a USB 3.0 interface has been the most reliable for you? Price not as important as reliability, robustness, and compatibility.

So what say you all?

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Personally, and this is strictly opinion not based in any kind of science.. I'd rather buy three of all different manufacturers. I've had issues with these things wearing out or not working on certain computers. Better to diversify if you ask me. I suspect they're all equally cheapo on the inside.

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I've had good luck with my Kingston, though it's velcroed to the side of my desktop and doesn't travel.  I've got a discontinued nGear that travels everywhere and has been good, though its card guides are a little funky and I worry about bending the CF reader pins due to improper insertion..

Important to get a decent one though, and retire them at the first sign of failure, cause my experience has been that a failing card reader can damage your cards.

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Thanks Everyone! So it looks like things have shaken out over the last few years and the last-remaining card readers (or at least the brands mentioned in this thread) seem to be fairly reliable. And cheap!

So I think I'm going to order two Kingston and one Transcend for now. Maybe a Delkin...hell, they're cheap, they're going to get misplaced, and having a couple different ones in my run bag makes sense.


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