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MICRON TX501 and RODE lav connection

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I have this old Micron tx 501 with a Sony mic but as the Sony is so big to hide I think I would like to change it to a RODE one as can change the cable with those so I can use it with Micron with its own cable.

Now you older professionals might remember how to connect this combination. Tried the same as with Sony and didn´t get it working  so I put the Sony back. The Rode cable is a nightmare to solder with bad eyesight at least...

As a retired sound guy this is more or less for hobby, but if someone can help I would be very thankfull!



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Yes, I have been in contact with them but it seems their suggestions dont work here.

I tried 2 connections: 2 wired TRAM and

TRIM but but didn't succeed and got tired

and connected back Sony -the same as 2 wired TRAM. The Rode cable is really difficult to solder but I measured my conn.

and they seemed ok except no signal from the Micron. I'll have to try again some other time...




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